Our boot camp courses cover core technology offerings in Application Development and Infrastructure Management spanning a minimum of 7 weeks. These are offered on a part-time basis and structured to allow full hands-on practice and labs configured to expose the students first hand to the application or infrastructure environment.

Accommodation for Boot Camp participants is also provided at the residence, which is located a few minutes away, in equally serene environment equipped with modern living conveniences and conducive for relaxation and after-hours studying.

As a value added service, after every successful boot camp, trainees are further encouraged to participate in job placement/recruitment activities with local technology firms.

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  • Techspecialist Academy, Abuja

  • Mobile Development

    Discover the dynamics involved in the development of native and cross-platform applications for mobile devices. Learn More

  • Techspecialist Academy, Abuja

  • Web development

    Navigate the intricacies behind Front and Back-end Web Development with a focus to creating intuitive and interactive portals. Learn More

  • Techspecialist Academy, Abuja

  • System Administration

    Master the techniques involved in the configuration, operation and maintenance of computer systems and networks. Learn More

    A Typical Day at Techspecialist Academy

    Class Prep

    Start each day right at the Residence with some light exercise and breakfast to nourish your body and focus your mind in preparation for the day’s learning activities, followed by a short shuttle ride to the Academy Premises.

    Daily Recap

    Refresh your understanding of the previous day’s work by reviewing salient points  with your instructor as a prerequisite to learning fresh concepts and ideas geared towards true mastery of the subject matter

    Morning Class

    Dive into new learning modules and coursework for the day in our 3-hour morning session. Don’t worry, you get breaks at periodic intervals to grab a snack and stretch your legs.


    Stroll to the cafeteria for your choice of a rejuvenating lunch and take the time to catch-up with colleagues and other instructors in a friendly and relaxed setting.

    Group Session

    Work jointly with colleagues on exercises designed to develop your collaborative problem-solving and team building skills.

    Afternoon Class

    Round-off your learning course-work for the day with the afternoon session led by your class instructor.

    Daily Labs

    Spend an extra hour connected to our virtual lab environment, working on exercises/assignments or just honing your hands-on technical skills.

    End of Day

    Catch the shuttle back to the Residence for a sumptuous dinner, and some personal time for much deserved rest and relaxation.