Technology is Changing the World

It is no longer news that digital technology is changing the world. What is noteworthy, however is that while techies from developed countries are finding ways to embrace and exploit that change, most of our indigenous technological enthusiasts lack the fundamental skills to even grasp emerging technology tends, not to talk of harnessing it for the better good.

Economic proponents have predicted that innovations in digital technology will be a key driver for sustainable development in Sub Saharan Africa, a transition which we have already begun to witness. In mobile technology for instance, 7 out of 10 of even the poorest Africans now own mobile phones. However, the number of direct jobs created by the ICT sector accounts for only 3 – 5% of the total workforce.

This means that although the number of lives influenced by the digital age is quite high, the amount of skilled resources capable of manning the enabling infrastructure remains at an all-time low.

Techspecialist Academy is looking to bridge this gap by creating an enabling environment for technological skills acquisition to thrive. We are creating a forum for gathering the brightest and the best tech-savvy individuals and training them even further, to position them to leverage the benefits derivable from a digital economy.

Our strategy is to influence the entire spectrum of technological resources from the undergraduate up to the professional levels by providing them with relevant and affordable learning interventions designed to equip and integrate them into a functional technology-driven community, operating at par with their international counterparts.

We are etching a gigantic digital footprint across Africa and invite you to be part of this transformation.

Remember, Technology is changing the world and you MUST be prepared for this change!